Commission on Higher Education's (CHED) Typology of Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

Posted by SNSCLC on February 25, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (87)

The CHED will be adopting a quality assurance (QA) scheme through typology.  Simply put, if your school cannot comply with the necessary requirements upon accreditation, it might be mandated to reroll from university status back to college.  Worried yet?

CHED will be adopting a typology scheme to categorize higher education institutions (HEIs) into a horizontal typology category that categorizes HEIs into:

1. a professional institution

2. a college, or

3. a university.

Likewise there will be a vertical typology category categorizing HEIs into:

1. unregulated,

2. regulated, or

3. deregulated.

Some positive effects are inevitable like:

1. specialization of institutions,

2. increase in the quality of education,

3. higher teacher qualifications,

4. better facilities.

But perceived adverse effects cannot be taken lightly, such as:


1. Regression of status (e.g. universities regressing into colleges),

2. Higher qualifications for teachers (the necessity of graduate degrees, cost of studying),

3. Higher cost of studying,

4. Fewer college programs,

5. Proximity of target schools.


At first glance it may seem like it won't affect much.  But think about it.

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